October 28, 2017

A good number of teams weighed five fish.  Ross & Ross ended the day in First with 17.66, closely followed by Towe & Towe with 17.13.  Jordan & Eubanks was in third position with 14.87 to start day two.

1st Ross & Ross 32.61

Champions Ross & Ross 32.61

2017 NItro Z18

2017 Nitro Z18DC Mercury 150 4Stroke

2nd Pilson & Pilson 32.26

2nd Pilson & Pilson 32.26

3rd Jordan & Eubank 31.84

3rd Jordan & Eubanks 31.84

4th Pealsee & Peaslee 29.83

4th Peaslee & Peaslee 29.83


5th Towe & Towe 29.17

6th Newman_Newman 28

6th Newman & Newman 28.11

7th Townsend & Mills

7th Townsend & Mills


Big Fish 6.79


October 29, 2017

Despite light rain and stronger wind gusts, most anglers faired better on Sunday.  With many teams posting a higher weight.  Pilson and Pilson took the early lead with the biggest bag of the weekend at a whopping 20.85.  They couldn't hold on to their lead when Ross & Ross posted a two day total of 32.61.  The Ross team won with a margin of just  0.35 pounds.  All of the top five teams boasted a two day totals of over 29.00.  Congratulations to all our anglers on a job well done and a safe season!!

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